Emergency Feeding Bees – Part 2

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Emergency Feeding Bees – Part Two

I required the hive aside so that I could drain the ground of bees (again, roughly 1-2,000).
Emergency Feeding Bees – Part 1

My hive documents

I checked out the hive to determine whether my crisis feeding had functioned.
Beekeeper Inspecting Dead BeesBeekeeper Inspecting Dead Bees
Beekeepers Anonymous
I opened up the hive and there were not any bees at the feeder.  I opened up the hive and that there was approximately 1-2,000 bees .  They consumed anything they could.  They’d consumed their brood. They were moving.  There has been quite a lot because of this starvation.
I set the feeder back.
I pulled framework and began spraying on the sugar syrup.  I began massaging it in and took off the lid and took guts.  That functioned without the spillage.  It was stored by the cells all in.  I continued about 4 glasses squeezed the syrup.  The bees had been becoming busy from the time I’d finished.

There was no action from the hive – so not functioned.

Feeding Bees
There has been some attention from the bees but not overly much.  Fingers crossed a session that was robbing won’t happen.

I returned and stuffed my own sprayer…. Read More

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