Nature’s Nectar LLC has been sold

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Wendy and I’ve Marketed the Nectar LLC of Nature.

We’re unhappy to be leaving, however, are prepared for new experiences. You apiculturists are people and we’re very happy to have worked alongside you.

 What’s shifting:
 Nature’s Nectar LLC will soon be moving:
6922 – 55th St N  Suite C
Oakdale, MN 55128  
Present Open hours: Thurs and Friday 10 – 6,  Saturday 9 – 5
Found close to the Hwy 36 and also 694 interchange

New Owners:
Tom and Jessica Minser.

We’ve obtained your pet requests and they’re safe and solid. We have bundle bees offered and are still accepting orders. We’re currently working with Jessica and Tom to give your bees.

Bee Delivery:
Both bee deliveries can soon go away as planned. Wendy and I will take part in both bee. The pickup location may alter. It’s near our site. When we’ve got a pickup 12, more info will soon be coming.

Within the duration of the year Jim is going to probably soon be involved with all the new owners to assist them anyway he could.

Jim will keep this bee site and expects to enhance it and keep to encourage all apiculturists. Education is the trick to achievement.

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