Asian Hornet Identified in North Devon

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Please be mindful that we’re having a large volume of calls therefore please utilize the below advice for all enquiries regarding Asian hornet sightings.

The National Bee Unit has supported a sighting of this Asian hornet from North Devon that was seen by a beekeeper within their apiary around the 18th September 2017. The contingency response was initiated along with a press release was issued by Defra.

Beekeepers over the field of the outbreak is going to be reached by Bee Inspectors so as to perform apiary reviews and also to hang traps out and we request complete your co-operation through those visits.

Concerning the hornet

The Asian hornet is bigger compared to our indigenous hornet and poses no increased threat to human health compared to the bee. But they do pose a threat.

Function to spot, destroy and eliminate any nests is underway, which comprises:

• opening up a neighborhood control centre to coordinate with the answer;

• ridding bee hunters throughout the region, also;

• readying nest control specialists who’ll apply pesticides to kill the hornets and ruin any footprints.

Further advice in the Asian hornet is discovered on the Asian hornet webpages of BeeBase at which you’ll come across an extremely helpful Asian hornet ID sheet along with Asian hornet poster that’s readily available for diagnosis purposes.

Our very best defence from the Asian hornet would be to immediately discover any arrivals and keep them from traps and insects would be the ideal approach to assist aid detection. Please utilize protein and sweet based baits in lands as nourishment to nourish it rsquo might be enlarging and requiring; s youthful when tracking for your hornet. We’ve developed A very easy observation trap for your Asian hornet and also an Asian hornet snare making movie to assist you in doing so.

Now you can report sightings along with your smartphone or tabletcomputer, the ‘Asian hornet Watch’ program for Androids along with iOS. The program uses GPS that permits the user to publish the location of the locating, permitting any confirmed sightings to be followed and fast.

As an alternative, you may submit an application by email. When doing this, please include as much info as possible, such as where you watched title the sighting, contact number / address and an image. Send your sightings to:

All documents obtained are assessed by entomologists in Centre of Ecology and Hydrology and plausible documents passed to us in the NBU for additional investigation.

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If you’re just beginning with beekeeping here is a awesome guide on how to be a successful beekeeper: You can visit:

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