Thermosolar Hive – Further Answers & Video

If you’re just starting out with bee farming here is a great guide on how to be a successful beekeeper: You can visit:

Thermosolar Hive – Further Replies & Video
Conversations With Beekeepers

Thermosolar Hive – Sensors & Ceiling
Thermosolar Hive Guide – that is my final page with this hive.  I own two!

The guide was completed and is currently in the inspection period. It needs to be prepared.
My main takeaway from all of the discussions is the exact same as Professor Ratnieks, Labatory of Apiculture & Social Insects (LASI), top specialist on honeybees.  Prior to being confident by this hive he wants to find proof and the University study.

I’d love to dig in to it, While I get interested in something.  Know it.  The movies exciting at the outcomes.  The movies are great demonstrations of this hive in actions.  Despite my enthusiasm, the movies are we will need to find this University research’s outcomes.

Jan was working together with Roman for 16 decades and is a beekeeper.  More on Jan here.  If you’d love to see a overview of this Thermosolar hive he has made a 4 second movie, under, for the viewers of the blog.
This movie shows 100% greater return of honey manufacturing:

A button is to enlarge the view, although this movie defaults into a size in my website.

Four Minute Video From Jan Rája

In conclusion, some apiculturists are optimistic and many others are sceptical.  Some are happy that historians are taking a look at methods of combatting varroa and a few have concerns that it will damage the the varroa to be killed by the brood.  I inquired the Thermosolar Hive group concerning the worries on hurting brood and have added this into the enlarged Q&A from the first Thermosolar Hive article .  A movie is also below of these frames holding in 47C.

This movie shows no varroa on brood of all Thermosolar Hive:

Fascinating Videos About Thermosolar Hive site

This movie shows hive in activity and no Effect on frames and wax:

I am open-minded and curious relating to this particular .  I have engaged in conversations with the Thermosolar Hive team, bee farming forums and leading honeybee experts to see what others think…. Read More

If you’re just beginning with raising bees here is a complete ebook on how to become a productive beekeeper: You can visit:

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