Brood Comb – Photos

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Brood Comb – Pictures

Bacterial disease
that I believe it is useful to bear in mind that A AFB is for “Once ” and E from EFB is for “Historical ”. Since the indications are visible following the spout is restricted.
Indicators of AFB: cappings submerged, perforated, may appear wet; seen brood routine; filthy odor. Add a matchstick to a suspect restricted mobile and also comes out a ropey, gooey mass

Brood Comb Together with European Foulbrood (EFB)
European Foulbrood (EFB)

Healthy Brood Comb With Capped Worker Brood
Capped Brood
It’s crucial to have the ability know what comb and comb resembles and to browse the comb. Below are descriptions and some photos. Are a few links with info.

Deformed Wing Virus
Deformed Wing Virus (DWV)

Super Frame With Capped Honey
Frame Of Capped Honey

Bacterial disease
Larvae expire before they’re restricted (unlike AFB which expire after capping)
Indications of EFB: contorted creatures in foundation of creatures, mammals pale brown color, sunken cappingsand also an our odor (although not as filthy as AFB)
Matchstick evaluation Doesn’t operate

Chalk Brood
European Foulbrood (EFB)
Resource: BeeBase, Crown Copyright
Catch up on events from My Apiary – it’s ’s turned into a devastating winter – however that I ’ve learnt lots

 Varroa Mites About Honeybees
Varroa Mite On Honeybee

Nosema Apis - Dysentery On Frames
Multiple Eggs In Cells
Resource: BeeBase, Crown Copyright
Deform… Read More

If you’re just beginning with beekeeping here is a awesome guide on how to be a successful bee farmer: You can visit:

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