Swarm Control Made Very Easy – Apparently

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Swarm Control Made Really Easy – Seemingly

He’s more directions on his site: Anti-swarming directions
Based on Roman:
Calculation For Number Of Drone Brood Frames
His research and theory relies on a colony focusing on distributing its genes by generating several drones (to disperse genes) instead of via the colony a.m.. The colony supercedes once the queen is two decades old, if the Queen is old or damaged, frequently in summer.
Claimed Advantages Of The Procedure

Dr Roman Linhart, this Thermosolar Hive’s creator refers to a process of broadcasting command on his site which I hadn’t ever heard of before.  I m definitely going to test it.  Case: I shed some swarms.  Very best example:” I ’ll simply shed a swarm 1 at 25 years (according to having 4 nostrils as well as his way being 99% successful, as he asserts ).
Within this paper, he asserts the “clarified way of jealousy of swarming disposition was tested over 60 honey bee colonies more than seven decades (2003–2009”).  From the newspaper he “Honey generation in colonies that are non-swarmed has risen.

Roman Linhart and Jan Rája with Thermosolar Hive
And additional information on his website

He claims that now hundreds of apiculturists in central Europe are already using this method.

The following statement is quite interesting too: “Many honey farmers try to cut out the drone comb. And they’re scared that the amount of mites would raise. However, the reverse is true. Provided that there is brood within the colony, it is held for by the Varroa mite. Hence the the strain on the employee bee caste of the parasite. ”

Anti-Swarming Theory & Research

Drones feed protein-based meals (pollen), perhaps not around the honey. Honey is not consumed by drones on a scale that is big. They choose their inventory of honey and abandon their colony just. This reduction is minimum. It’s paid for by the simple fact that with drones help heat upward the brood and release of foraging bees to operate on blossoms tens of thousands. According to my [Roman’s] monitoring, the flight frequency in the hive admissions rises with drone rearing 2.6 occasions. I came to the decision by comparing to the air traffic in the entrances of a control set of 10 states along with hives with fire control drone rearing. In bee colonies together with drones, a flight action is of those worker bees the weather stinks. This is a feature that is valuable. It’s been supported by honey farmers testing this method. Along with drone rearing’s advantages continue. ”
I would really appreciate any thoughts from honey farmers who have … Read More

If you are just starting out with raising honey bees here is a awesome ebook on how to become a successful bee farmer: You can visit: http://www.beekeeping-for-beginners.com

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