Two Swedish Deadouts

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Neither of my 2 nostrils in Sweden created it. On it knocking away the rust and the roof the hive at the barn needed a timber shelf collapse. The follower plank was off in the very best bars and interior all of the comb was absorbed by starving rodents.The warre hive at the beehouse appears as though it had been submerged in the snow for a long time. I’ve been told that the snow was deep. When this was to get a brief quantity of time that I actually don’t think that it could have been problem.But that the snow was about for weeks and the venting of this hive had been reduced to nearly nothing. Tons of mouldy combs(pollen) and also a great deal of honey I managed to salvage.These bees had lots of shops (honey maybe not sugar) so that they didn’t starve. I think that was the condensation although it came to minus 30 degrees. Some lessons learned to begin from scratch not many articles to this site for awhile…. Read More

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