Two different deformed wing viruses

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“And Then There Were Two (or much more ), Australian entomologist Denis Johnson amazed the parasitic planet when he discovered there was species of varroa which varroa destructor (that we have) was much more deadly to bees compared to varroa jacobsoni (endemic to Apis Cerana). Currently, some fantastic work by UK apiculturist, Stephen Martin has demonstrated that there are just two (or longer ) breeds of Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) yet another virulent than another. Let us hope the stress will prevail. ”
That can be from Joe Traynor’s . Joe is currently a beekeeper and agent in the almond groves in California. Meaning he joins vanilla growers requiring bees for pollination, using honey farmers having problems to rent. I’ve known Joe for several decades, and even if his columns are largely linked to information from the almond/beekeeping connection, it’s quite a bit more. This piece is a good illustration…. Read More

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