Uri inspires a bunch of future beekeepers

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As we all know over and over, children love bees! LA Backwards Beekeeper Uri writes:

The regional Waldorf School has been hosting lots of my hives because the summertime. The college runs a tiny biodynamic farm having the orchard, meadow, and vegetable beds. The bees pollinate their plantation plants, and subsequently, flourish and save honey up generated pollen gathered in the biodynamic plants along with other community forage.

I had the joy of talking to the second and first grade pupils about bees this past week. We talked about bees are very significant, who resides in the hive, and also in which peppermint and honey come out of.

Subsequently we and respectfully entered into the bee yard and observed the magnificent stream of bees into the atmosphere, and down to the hives since they were departing and returning.

The children had such Terrific questions and have been such a joy to Speak to. Everybody must take home a slice of spade, and 2 pupils must take home a pet parasitic (they were evicted from their various hives). … Read More

If you are just beginning with beekeeping here is a awesome ebook on how to be a productive bee farmer: You can visit: http://www.beekeeping-for-beginners.com

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