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If you’re just beginning with raising honey bees here is a awesome guide on how to be a successful beekeeper: You can visit:

We’re David and Sheri Burns out of Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and

With the support of some amazing family and friends members we’ve sent out 99 percent of winter-bee-kind requests thus far. These may require 3-5 days to get there. We’re still accepting orders for an additional month. 
All gave a huge shout out once we put the label to the latest purchase. We are going to have the ability to send out winter-bee-kind orders considerably quicker. It was a enjoyable afternoon. We’d toddlers assisting, Christmas music playing and also some chocolate. I and poured each of the winter-bee-kinds this season like I do each year. Now it is time for people to concentrate on getting prepared to sponsor our family’s Thanksgiving party here in the farm. What an enjoyable time of the year.
Great clients who’ve chosen to conduct business together have left our own lives enjoyable. That is how it’s supposed to operate. We assist you along with your bee farming requirements and should you place orders in that you assist us appreciate our careers. Thank you !
Locating Your QueenThe Way To Solve A Frame to Get The Queen1. Scan the framework for a bigger bee (the queen) having a bigger thorax. Begin your scan in the exterior edges of this framework. This way you’ll notice her until she moans to another side. Work your way out of the edges to the middle.    2.   Regrettably to affirm you don’t have any eggs you have to check at all of brood frames. This implies as many as 5-6 frames at the middle of every hive body, thus a total of 10-12 frames have to be carefully hunted. There’s not any visible indication of…READ MOREBeekeeping For BeginnersBeekeeping for novices can be tough to work out.  There’s a push to generate bee farming appear almost hands free. Beekeeping for beginners should consist of learning how to apply best management techniques to maintain bees living…READ MORE
NEW WEEKLY BEEKEEPING INSIGHT ON OUR WEBSITEVisit our site and examine our enlightening bee farming suggestions, fresh every couple of da… Read More

If you’re just starting out with raising honey bees here is a great guide on how to be a successful beekeeper: You can visit:

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