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If you are just starting out with bee farming here is a complete ebook on how to become a successful beekeeper: You can visit: http://www.beekeeping-for-beginners.com

Spring greetings.

The bee period has begun superbly with several swarms spontaneously moving to log hives and associated dwellings from Sussex, Kent, Wiltshire and Somerset. Good compliments to each of the avantgarde honey farmers offering great habitat options for honeybees. Save We are very happy to inform you that preparations are well underway for a Learning in the Bees occasion in Berlin, organised by Mellifera and also created by the Ambeesadors in partnership together. Happening in 29 August – 1 September 2019, the programme will include a tree-beekeeping”Zeidler” workshop as well as also the gifts of a variety of international speakers such as Tom Seeley along with our Trustees Heidi Herrmann and Jonathan Powell. Complete details will soon be available near the end of May. You may register your attention here. Natural Bee Husbandry MagazineThis special book to which of our buddies in the bee-centered world have led is moving from strength to strength. Thanks for those who subscribe to the particular article which aims to emphasize a lot of the inspirational bee perform going on in the entire world; in case you are not yet a part of the positive neighborhood, register here. La Donairawe’re very happy to state that over 70 percent of the shrub hives in our La Donaira rewilding job in Spain lived winter. Because most of them are 2018 swarms, this amount is still very impressive. For 2019 we’re trusting the bees will progress deeper into the woods and occupy organic cavities. Currently we’re testing new methods for converting big tree branches into smaller types acceptable for bees. We utilize only sand, clay, straw, sticks and hessian – coated with olive oil and bees wax. BienenbotschaftBefore this season we had the excellent pleasure to sponsor a trip from Antonio Giurlaccio along with Moses Mohrs of this excellent Frankfurt tree apiculture project Bienenbotschaft accompanied by Torben Schiffer (beenature job ) & loved ones. It was a terrific chance to strengthen our connections with like-minded people in Germany and contemplate potential co-operations. Torben Schiffer and his co-operation spouses Bienenbotschaft were showcased in an superb documentary on German tv. We expect it’ll be accessible with English subtitles in due course, and also have offered to host this. It’s exciting that the outcomes of learning by the bees – and – returning bees into the trees is an fantastic illustration of the – are aired on mainstream websites, also for Torben (left below) to establish himself this engaging urge. We could be sure that she’ll continue her crucial assignment in the”second dimension” as she called . Polly confronted her departing of the earthly planet with complete equanimity, but that can in no way diminish our profound s… Read More

If you’re just starting out with bee farming here is a great ebook on how to become a successful bee farmer: You can visit: http://www.beekeeping-for-beginners.com

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