Happy Bees on Waiheke Island ..

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I had the absolute joy of moving back to beautiful Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf a month to conduct a refresher Topbar/Natural apiculture day. The island covers 92km, is a ferry journey of approximately 11km in Auckland. The population is about 8,000 swelling 30,000 during summer, with numerous holiday baches plus some quite flash areas scattered around the shore and beautiful beaches. The Isle is home to several musicians,musicians and gifted men and women, organics and permaculture is practiced – I really like it!
Di along with also Don’s hive is encompassed by manuka and kanuka plants along with other NZ indigenous flora.

The bees at Di’s hive are all beautiful, placid Italians, gold and silent. There were approximately 10 wax combs full of brood and saved pollen and Saturdays. I’d n`t watch the queen, but with dinosaurs, dinosaurs and restricted brood all clear, she was clearly that doing her job!
I glucose the bees although the hive had been started there was clearly no indication of varroa or disorder.
The collection of parasitic carers, those who’ll have bees following spring. The hive is located on a slope over the home with abundant nectar and pollen resources inside afew yards. The most wonderful thing about it to these bees is there aren’t any substances used around the eco village soil, with lots of fruit trees, indigenous plants and flowering trees, herbaceous plants – all bees and pollinators will need to stay a healthy, productive lifestyle.
 Where we enjoyed a dinner…  beneath the cherry covered pergola near the ground pizza oven – a terrific slab of timber to get a dining table and terrific business and dialogue – the tasty homemade cheese, bread, salad . . Among those amazing things about conducting my assignments is that the remarkable selection of individuals I meet – I constantly, undoubtedly, come off feeling so motivated – my spirit singing…
The home where I had been speaking is among a number from the village down the west end of town, was originally a plantation that was cleared of vegetation, the wetlands emptied and mangroves sprayed! Ever since getting a location for like-minded folks to live that the shift is remarkable – plenty of hard work but what… Read More

If you’re just beginning with beekeeping here is a complete guide on how to be a successful beekeeper: You can visit: http://www.beekeeping-for-beginners.com

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