TopBar Hives in Whanganui ..

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My buddy Rachel’s lovely TopBar hive, set among leafy trees, alongside a large lily pond, and together with the magnificent background of Australian flowering gum trees – a perfect location for her really active Carniolan honey bees to reside and gather nectar and pollen.
The team of 17 comprising 2 fathers with their own sons, blended and mingled throughout lunch at the sunny courtyard from the silent area in which I kept my workshop. It’s the very ideal location… tranquil, no sound except creatures, surrounded by gardens and trees. Among those young boys, that I’d n`t have believed could have been older then 12, currently has 5 hives so excited – does my soul well to see the kids so educated and excited.   Possessing a lengthy window across the trunk, it had been simple for the visitors to find every single comb covered with bees, then dangling from the pubs – the very first time I’d noticed this gorgeous sight! The eyes of youthful Aran seen the starts of a queen mobile that Rachel and I watched another day once we started the hive ( next posting).
Using the functioning hive to watch has been excellent, in case you haven’t been close-up into a hive along with tens of thousands of bees, then it is often very frightening, but my beautifully renewable hyper -minded brand new bee carers, thankfully sat on their haunches on the other side of the hive and gazed in wonder. . Just exactly what I plan for!… Read More

If you are just beginning with raising honey bees here is a great guide on how to be a successful beekeeper: You can visit:

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