A Respectable Honey Yield?

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Ikea Box Full Of Honey

Cutting Comb

Comb Cutter Full Of Honey
My Apiary notes

2018 has provided us an outstanding summer in the united kingdom. Since May there’s barely been some temperatures and rain have been 25C plus.  Rain dilutes the UK isn’t quite as sexy as other nations … therefore I presume that this was a great honey production year for many UK apiculturists.
How are you doing?
My Honey Yields
My two manufacturing colonies created 13 eyeglasses of cut comb honey.  Commonly a super framework retains 3lb of honey and I’d say I’d total 80% completion of these frames – therefore I generated 31lb of honey that made 84 cartons of amazing cut comb.

Cut Comb In Container

My Amounts

Cutting Comb – two

Ikea Box Full Of Honey

Cutting Comb
Comb Cutter Total Of Honey
In Pictures
Honey Super Frame 2018
… 15.5pound per generation hive … that is nearly getting decent.
Cut Comb In Container

And Shops For Your Bees


The hive bodies will also be filled with honey … and that I doubt I to feed the bees this season.
It’s been my very best year – awakened my previous personal best and now with just two manufacturing hives.  I list My Yields here…. Read More

If you’re just starting out with raising bees here is a awesome ebook on how to become a successful beekeeper: You can visit: http://www.beekeeping-for-beginners.com

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