Next meeting: Sunday, April 28

If you are just beginning with raising bees here is a complete guide on how to become a productive bee farmer: You can visit:

The Following meeting of This Backwards Beekeepers is Now Scheduled!

Sunday, April 28
Citibank, Silver Lake division
2450 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles 90039

Last month we are featuring an appearance by Ray Teurman, also a true unsung hero of parasitic volunteerism within L.A. who’s developed his very own uncommon and catchy techniques of bee administration. Ray is eager to talk about his adventures with bees across the L.A. region, and his strategies for performing cutouts along with trap-outs.

As usual, everybody is welcome to these meetings, in particular people that are new to apiculture.
See you there!

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If you are just starting out with raising bees here is a awesome guide on how to become a successful bee farmer: You can visit:

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