Have you ever seen a queen like this?

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Has anybody else noticed a boy or adolescent with this kind of absence of color? Can there be a racial subgroup which always produces this light complexion? Quite dark (nearly black) Caucasian queens also abound in western Canada because they have a tendency to winter nicely. However, this is the very first whitish queen that I ’Id ever noticed.

A pal of mineJessie, that operates the bees in Chinook Honey close Calgary, seen this odd queen. The images were taken by jessie. Because you may see, the queen has rather small color.

What may cause this deficiency of pigment? This isn’t a fuzzy new bee/queen but instead a queen that appears to have been round the block a couple of times. However, I don’t matter she’s bald from how a robbing employee or an extremely old bee may be. There are a number of drones that are comparable. Another thing is happening.

This ’s.  Your ideas, included below, are all welcome.
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