Bee Vacuum Construction Plan

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Outcomes:  It worked good just several bees (possibly 10) expired ) I simply combined these bees with another hive since I Couldn’t find the queen.   Overall price $0. Inform me about an hour.

Afterward I put a square of this screen wire within the older could hole and then put my rectangle wooden bit over that display cable.   If this is twisted together, the display is going to continue to keep the bees from your vacuum supply.
I slid this into a ladder, the Elongated top plank rests on the measure and retains it in securely put.   In case the suction begins to fall because the bees at the box bunch in the vacuum supply gap, switch off the vacuum and then a rapid knock the box may then dislodge them again.  If you create two of them, you can change them out since the bee vacuum matches and continue going.

I constructed everything together and connected that the hoses and vacuum supply.   I had a vacuum leak for a small suction in the bee finish, to considerably and the bees could die from injury. Beginning with a tiny square hole to the vacuum spoilerI expanded it really slightly until I received the vacuum cleaner I was searching for. Should you cut the gap to big, simply put some tape on it to raise the vacuumcleaner.

Next with the box for a guide, I cut out a bit of the signal to match between the wooden strips on the other side of this box to act as an air closed off.   This will probably be kept in place with a string round the box for Simple removal.   Don’t nail it. It doesn’t have to be held closely as the vacuum cleaner may hold it in position when in use.
Bee vacuum components

After sucking the bees, then unplug your bee spray hose and then brush the doorway shut.   The vinyl insert (large red thing with pit ) can pull easily from beneath the series, exposing a complete side of this box to get new air.

To start I a 2-1/4 inch gap (my vacuum hose dimensions ) to a side of this older could hole.   Additionally, I took a part of wood and drilled out a 2-1/4 hole inside to your nozzle to the vacuum supply (my shop vac). I left this broader than the box so that I c… Read More

If you are just beginning with bee farming here is a awesome ebook on how to be a successful beekeeper: You can visit:

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