What is a Resource Hive?

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Found to Brushy Mountain Bee Farm’s grand stock this past year, the Resource Hive is now a highly common source for apiculturists. The Resource Hive is made up of a 10-Frame dimension hive body that’s been split to accommodate two 4-Frame NUCs. In addition, it contains two extra 4-frame NUC boxes so it is possible to enlarge your NUC into another story if you want to. The base board which comes with it’s also been corrected to make two entrances to opposite ends for every 4-frame part. It functions using a 10-Frame Telescoping Best (marketed individually ) Its popularity stems from the numerous ways it could be utilized:

Overwintering NUCs: hoping to maintain a NUC moving through winter to help develop a hive in the spring? The dual room from the Resource lets you maintain two NUCs into 1 hive, with heat generated from either hives to the hive temperature secure throughout sunlight. You may even substitute each narrative using a frame of brood and also a framework of honey / sugar (checker boarding) that will assist provide readily accessible food throughout winter.

Boost Weaker Colonies: Hoping to Develop a feeble colony? Condensing a weak down snowball to a half of this Resource Hive enables the colony to focus more on rebuilding than enlarging.

Creating Spits: Together with the lowest hive body split to half, it has never been simpler to divide a hive. Simply take the frames in the hive that you need to divide and split them on every side of this Resource Hive. Keep note of the side of this source hive that the queen is situated and start to present a queen into another half of their hive. When the queen was successfully introduced into the split then you can subsequently reevaluate both colonies to different hives to keep their expansion.

Raising Queens: Seal off the distance between the upper and bottom narrative and you finally have 4 different 4-Frame NUC boxes you may use to boost queens. Utilize the NUC interior cover entrances as admissions to your 2nd story when utilizing the base board entries for the 1st narrative.
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If you’re just starting out with raising bees here is a great ebook on how to be a productive beekeeper: You can visit: http://www.beekeeping-for-beginners.com

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