Inspection 9-11-2013 – Overdue!

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I typically do my reviews on Saturdays or Sundays. Between actions that take my Saturdays, along with a few terrible weather, I still have not been in a position to inspect as I would like.

I chose to have a half-day off Wednesday because the weather was likely to be fine. In cases like this,”fine” meant quite humid and hot. As soon as I began my review in the early hours, the fever was 80!

That I had a couple of goals with this particular review – check out things, and add a few MAQS mite therapy.

White Nuc

I started about the White Nuc, that had been the nuc I made by bringing the framework with the restricted queen cell about it in Sutton. In accordance with bee mathematics , there may be a brand new queen all went well.

Sure enough, as I pulled a framework, I discovered her! See whether you’re able to spot her with this framework (I enjoy playing”spot the queen” in my site!) :

in the event you can not locate her, click to get a variant of this film using all the queen circled.

Therefore that I did with her exactly what I always do if I have a brand new queen I researched her!

(there was still an additional employee trapped at the signaling tube I did not bother getting out).

So today I’ve another Nuc.

Blue Nuc

The Blue Nuc has among George’s queens inside. Considering this framework, it does not seem as pleasant and complete as the others:

Here is the queenmarked with yellowish from last season:

But this hive is still earning some great honey to their shops (I will not accumulate this because it is at a nuc):

I have not really decided what to do for this particular nuc / queen nonetheless. When she had been at the green world, the hive has been really very horrible and mean. That is why I replaced her with one of George’s queens. If she’s producing mean bees because of genetics, I do not know whether I need to maintain that line living. I might win… Read More

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