Technology & Beekeeping In 2016

If you are just starting out with raising bees here is a complete ebook on how to become a productive bee farmer: You can visit:

Technology & Beekeeping At 2016

The BBC have just released a post entitled “Can technician keep the planet ’s bees buzzing? ” (external link).  It s worth a browse.
Thermosolar Hive – Sensors & Ceiling
I’m quite optimistic that beehive style, engineering, the science, cloud (understanding effect of pesticides on honey bees, and honeybee disorders, etc.) and, last but not least, enhanced apiculture practices, can create apiculture better to honey bees and apiculturists during the next 5-10 decades. I’m convinced that together these components are going to have the ability to decrease injury from varroaviruses, infections and predators (such as the Asian hornet) and parasites (such as the small hive beetle).
Thermosolar Hive (this gets a mention from the BBC article)

Allow ’s view where we’re by 2020!

A few inventions have been written about by me I have seen lately:

Thermosolar Hive - Ceiling & Sensors

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If you are just beginning with raising bees here is a great guide on how to be a productive bee farmer: You can visit:

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